Vähä Petääjärvi Finland, July 2018 ©Pauliina Jokela 


Underwater experiments

2016 - 2020

Vedenalainen (Underwater) is an attempt to describe an escape from the experience of otherness as well as a return to the initial waters, to somewhere safe. At the center of the work are self-portraits taken underwater in different places as well as diary-like reflections on the feelings brought forth by the moments. Images are memories of “self” in places experienced. At the same time, it is often almost impossible to identify who is in them or where they were taken.

Despite the surroundings, being underwater makes it possible to achieve a certain dreamy feeling of being in the right place. The feeling of not belonging or perplexity drowns in complete presence until one is forced to return to the surface.

Water described in different locations; its brightness, turbidity, purity or dirtiness also brings up a silent question about the state of natural waters. Is the feeling of safety just an illusion after all?

On display at Chill Survive Network