Portrait of Kannelmäki


The portrait of Kannelmäki was a community art project in Kannelmäki, a district of Helsinki Finland in June 2016. The project was collaboration of me, Elina Rantasuo and Laura Ukkonen and it was a part of the Helsinki Artists’ Association’s Taidekehä (Art Circle) project. 

The idea of the project was to create “a portrait of Kannelmäki” together with local people. We organised a series of workshops called “Get to know by drawing” and invited people to draw together and maybe get to know new people through the drawing process. 

The project consisted of workshops arranged in Kanneltalo culture center and free drawing sessions complemented at the Kannelmäki area and bars around it. 

The final Portrait of Kannelmäki, a sewed together combination of all drawings was presented at the Kanneltalo cultural centres gallery space for one month after the workshops.