Breathing as sensing space


The experiment is a part of Pauliina Jokela’s ongoing artistic project on the act of breathing and how it makes us feel connected. This part of the experiment was implemented in the Sao Paulo biennale as a part of MUDvibes course with Pia Lindman, working in cooperation with Roberta Assy. During the experiment, the team aimed at creating a situation where a person could perceive and discover a connection with the surrounding space through focusing solely on their breathing. The experiment had seven participants, who entered the experiment one at the time with the exception of one couple. The duration for each session was 30 minutes and they happened in three different spaces: In the mud hut by Pia Lindman, in a narrow non-space between a wall structure and a window and in an open crossing point in an exhibition hall. Participants were led to each space and asked to find a comfortable position, cover their eyes and focus on their breathing. In each space, the participants were introduced to different breathing methods or exercises, which helped them to find their natural rhythm of breathing. 

Each session was documented by recording, photographing and through interviews.